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Celebrate Native American Month with Discounts on New Titles

old world audiobook cover 2November is Native American Month, and in a rare calendrical occurrence Thanksgiving falls on the same day as Hanukkah. That gives us an excuse to beat the drum, light the candles and give everybody a 20% discount on select American Indian titles.

As reported at our sister site, DNA Consultants, there has been quite a stir in the news media about a Danish scientist's revelation that the first Native Americans probably came from Europe.

The blogosphere was all atwitter about the sequencing of a 24,000-year-old Siberian boy's DNA, proving American Indians originated in Europe, not Asia. Yes, you read that right. As a Native American-owned company, and innovator in the field of American Indian genetics both with our tests and publications, we have been saying as much all along. American Indians have mostly known before geneticists and other testing companies gave them permission to think so that their Native American ancestors were not Mongols or Mongolians but more akin to Europeans.

It looks like the Bering Land-Bridge theory is beginning to sag.

DNA Consultants offers a test called Rare Genes from History that will tell you if you have the Lake Baikal Gene, First People's Gene, Cochise Gene or Amerind Gene, all of which are centered in their historical distribution on the motherland of Mongolians and Native Americans in South Siberia. There are also the following specifically European genes:  Helen, Circassian, Europa and Scythian. With the tables turning, you can now legitimately have both European and American Indian markers and it may not be a case of "recent" admixture.

Panther's Lodge Publishers has just released the audiobook version of Donald Yates' Old World Roots of the Cherokee, a timely book for this the month in view of the theme and dramatic news events. "Passionate," "intelligent" and "probing" are just some of the words to describe Jack Chekijian's eerie narration. It is available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. Below is a brief sample from the Epilog or last chapter.

Old World Roots Epilog Audiobook Sample

Excerpt from audiobook

"In my opinion, the genetic story of the Americas has been botched. Not only are samples flawed but geneticists’ times to coalescence are forced into the Procrustean bed of outdated theory."



So take advantage of the season and order a Native American publication or DNA test from us. Until the end of the month, customers may use the promo code NAM to receive 20% off your order of a DNA test or analysis from DNA Consultants.

Happy Thanksgiving and Honor to Your Lodge, The Panther's Lodge Staff

Panther’s Lodge Grand Re-opening

As part of the festivities of the re-opening of Panther’s Lodge as a publisher site (it used to be an information site only), we are offering a free copy of one of our little known publications, the story of Chief Two White Feathers.

Use coupon code EX27B at Smashwords, where you can choose between pdf, epub or Kindle (mobi). This is an indispensable book to have in your library if you ever wondered what goes on in a medicine man’s head. Enjoy, and tell us what you think of our new look. Good until June 10, 2013 at Smashwords.

Here is the link:

our mission

Panther’s Lodge is a publisher and seller of traditional and e-books in American Indian, ethnic, regional and historical fiction and non-fiction. Our imprint labels include Cherokee Chapbooks, The Cherokee Press and Tlvdatsi Books. We welcome new authors, especially those who may find it hard to be published because of their ethnic interests or background.

Panther’s Lodge was conjured into being by the needs of visitors like you and owes its success to your interest over the years. It is an honor you are here. We hope you will come back often and pass on what you may have learned. Sometimes it is sufficient simply to be around other Indians and people of like-mindedness and spirit. So feel free to just hang out, sample one of our e-books or leave a comment.