“Once there was none to listen. . . now there are few who care to speak…”

Panther’s Lodge started out as a tribal information and family history companion website for a Rootsweb email discussion list launched in 1998, called Lost Indian Tribes Southeast. Our first book sold was The Bear Went Over the Mountain, by Donald N. Yates, which had appeared in 1995. After a career of 15 years, and with a guestbook full of appreciation from our visitors, the website was converted to Panther’s Lodge Publishers in 2013. Much of its unique content became accessible again in blog posts or short e-books.

As a publisher, our mission grew from reproducing the voices and messages of Indians of the past to enabling the communications of living researchers and writers in the digital age. We began offering high-quality books, including e-publications, in American Indian spirituality and related areas and dedicated ourselves to making it possible for new authors who might otherwise be ignored to have their book projects considered for publication. We are located in Longmont, Colorado.

Panther's Lodge Publishers
P.O. Box 2477
Longmont, Colorado 80502
Telephone: (888) 806-2588


    Panther’s Lodge is a publisher and seller of traditional and e-books in American Indian, ethnic, regional and historical fiction and non-fiction. Our imprint labels include Cherokee Chapbooks, The Cherokee Press and Tlvdatsi Books.


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