Ancient Mines of Kitchi-Gummi

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Edited by Donald N. and Teresa A. Panther-Yates
Pages: 189 pages
Author: R.L. Jewell
Format: softcover
Edition: 3rd

Ancient Mines of Kitchi-Gummi

R.L. Jewell



Cypriot/Minoan Traders in North America

Who were the surprisingly sophisticated miners of prehistoric Michigan? Who helped the Archaic Copper Culture mine and remove 20 million ponds of copper from the lake Superior area 4500 years ago?

The first edition of this book won the “Anomalist Award” for one of the best books of 2000.

Roger Jewell was born and raised in Minnesota. He graduated from the University of Minnesota, College of Natural Resources in 1962 with a B.S. degree in forestry management. He completed a 32-year career as a professional forester with the U.S. Forestry Service, most of which was in the area of Lake Superior. For more information visit the web site

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