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Publication date December 2011
Illustrated: Yes
ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1468017519 ISBN-10: 1468017519
Copyright date: 2011
Co-author 2: Translated by William Eubanks
Co-author 1: Original Cherokee narration by George Sahkiyah Sanders
Number of pages: 44
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Size 6 X 9 inches

Red Man’s Origin: The Legendary Story of His Rise and Fall, His Victories and Defeats and the Prophecy of His Future

Donald N. Panther-Yates




In the world of Native Americans, oral communication takes the place of the written word in preserving their most valued “texts.” By a miracle of transmission, here is the earliest and most complete version of the story of the Cherokee people, from their origins in a land across the great waters to the coming of the white man. In olden times, it was recited at every Great Moon or Cherokee New Year festival so it could be learned by young people and the tribal lore perpetuated. It was set down in English in an Indian Territory newspaper by Cornsilk (the pen-name of William Eubanks) from the Cherokee language recitation of George Sahkiyah (Soggy) Sanders, a fellow Keetoowah Society priest, in 1892. We do not have anything anterior or more authentic than Eubanks and Sanders’ “Red Man’s Origin. Mystic and plain-spoken at the same time, “Red Man’s Origin” tells how the clans became seven in number, reorganized their religion in America and struggled to maintain their “half-sphere temple of light.” You will hear in Cornsilk’s original words about the true name of the Cherokee people, the totem Uktena serpent, divining crystals of the Urim and Thummin, “terrible Sa-ho-ni clan” and other Cherokee storytelling subjects. The brief narrative is here reprinted with an introduction, notes and line drawings from Native American history by Cherokee author Donald Panther-Yates. If you own one book about the Cherokee Indians it should be this one.

Donald N. YatesDONALD PANTHER-YATES was born in Cedartown, Georgia of one-fourth Cherokee-Choctaw descent. His book The Bear Went Over the Mountain is a classic history of Old Cherokee and pioneer families. He is co-author of When Scotland Was Jewish and Jews and Muslims in British Colonial America:  A Genealogical History (with Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman). His new book is Old World Roots of the Cherokee. He lives in Phoenix.


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